Investor information

Type of business:   Portable and wearable dialysis and hemofiltration equipment and materials:

  • sorption filter materials for current dialysis systems
  • miniature artificial kidney device
Market area:   Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis market, blood filtration market
Worldwide 2.5 million patients with medical costs exceeding 100 billion €/year
Main markets: USA 4000.000, Europe 350.000, Japan 305.000 patients
Total costs per patient per year amounts to €90.000, sub-divided into:

  • dialysis costs (machine, consumables) €25.000
  • drugs €15.000
  • medical care €45.000
  • other €7.000 (e.g. transportation)
Market potential:   The total worldwide market estimates:

  • sorption filter units for present dialysis systems: €5 billion
  • blood filtration, miniature artificial kidney: €25 billion
  • world wide smallest dialysis machine
  • easy to use at home
  • better health conditions thanks to (semi) continuous treatment
  • increased life expectancy for ESRD patients
  • higher mobility and employability
  • additional savings in medical care and drugs €40.000/patient/year
  • remote monitoring for enhanced safety