Nanodialysis wearable device - MiniKid
Nanodialysis MiniKid principle



In current hemodialysis machines, approximately 60-120 liters of dialysate are required for blood cleansing. This is an important showstopper for miniaturization and portable or portable devices. The MiniKid miniature artificial kidney uses a purification unit to continuously regenerate/refresh the dialysate. Only 300 ml of dialysate is required. The purification unit is filled with sorbents and is sufficiently small to enable a handy portable or wearable system. The total weight of the system is 2 kg. The Minikid is therefore ideally suited for use at home, during daytime or nighttime.


  • • HD made easy: connect and go, easy to use system for hemodialysis
  • • Miniaturized dialysis system, no need for high volume dialysate
  • • Connection to a fistula/shunt or CVC catheter
  • • Built-in sensors for automated control and safety measures
  • • Remote monitoring via a webportal
  • • Replaceable purification unit