Nanodialysis portable device

Peritoneal dialysis


In traditional peritoneal dialysis, the peritoneal cavity is filled with a stationary dialysate filling. This filling quickly becomes saturated, limiting the rate of toxin removal. WEAKID introduces two innovations: in WEAKID, the dialysate is continuously recirculated in the peritoneal cavity and the dialysate is continuously refreshed. This offers a more efficient removal of toxins compared to traditional PD. The dialysate is refreshed by a cartridge that removes the toxins from the dialysate by means of sorbents. For nighttime use, the cartridge is combined with a dialysate unit. The dialysate unit contains fresh dialysate with glucose for the osmotic removal of excess fluid (ultrafiltration). The recirculation ensures a controlled release of glucose, which keeps the glucose concentration at a constant level throughout the treatment. This prevents high peak glucose concentrations, such as in traditional PD, that are harmful to the peritoneal membrane.

Thus, WEAKID eliminates the current disadvantages of PD (low efficacy, high glucose concentrations leading to damage to the peritoneal membrane), which benefits the overall health status and quality of life of kidney patients (fitness, lower pill burden).

The system consists of a portable nighttime device (bedside) that will provide adequate daily clearance and ultrafiltration for most patients. A wearable daytime device is optional in case additional clearance is required. The daytime system can also be used to replace the night system once during travel. The system connects to a standard peritoneal catheter. The operation of the device can be monitored via a web portal.


  • • Next generation peritoneal dialysis
  • • High clearance: 1.5-2x traditional PD
  • • Fewer connections (2/day), so less chance of peritonitis
  • • Decreased glucose concentrations, better retention of the peritoneal membrane
  • • Built-in sensors for automated control and safety measures
  • • Remote monitoring via a web portal
  • • Replaceable cartridge (can be refurbished, lowering waste)
  • • PD made easy: connect and go, easy-to-use