Improving quality of life of renal diseased patients

Portable artificial kidney

Wearable artificial kidney

Blood purification with nanomaterials


Nanodialysis is bringing innovative products into the market of blood purification and dialysis based on nanostructured materials. Nanomaterials offer a great potential for the detoxification of blood allowing miniaturization of blood treatment and dialysis devices. The focus is on the following product lines.

  • Sorption materials and catalytic processes to improve blood purification in current dialysis systems
  • Miniature portable artificial kidney for use as a handy home hemodialysis device
  • Miniature wearable artificial kidney for continuous blood cleansing via the abdomen

The miniature portable and wearable artificial kidney is an ideal solution for end stage renal diseased patients providing a significant improvement in their health status and quality of life. With many important features for both the patient as well as the healthcare system.

  • Improved blood purification via adsorption filtering
  • Improved health condition thanks to continuous or semi-continuous treatment
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Higher mobility and employability
  • Less nursing and medical care needed, resulting in lower healthcare costs