Miniature artificial kidney

In current hemodialysis machines about 120 liter of dialysate is needed for blood cleansing. This is a major showstopper for miniaturization. Our miniature artificial kidney is using sorbents for continuous regeneration of dialysate. Herewith only 100 ml of dialysate is needed. Thanks to the efficiency of theĀ nanosorbents, the sorbent system can be very small allowing a handy portable or wearable system.

Concept of blood purification

  • a high flux filter is used for purification of the blood by dialysis
  • 100 ml dialysate is continuously purified with a sorption unit
  • in this unit sorbents are combined with electrocatalytic oxidation
  • no other dialysate fluid needed
  • small and lightweight device (1-3 kg)

Portable hemodialysis

Portable hemodialysis - Nanodialysis

Wearable peritoneal dialysis

Wearable peritonial dialysis - Nanodialysis

Features of the miniature artificial kidney

  • Handy portable home hemodialysis device making dialysis easy at home/work/vacation, allowing use for longer periods or nocturnal, using traditional vascular access (fistula or shunt)
  • Wearable artificial kidney for peritoneal dialysis, offering continuous and uniform blood cleansing 24/7 with exceptional performance (three times better as traditional PD).
  • built-in sensors for automated control and safety measures
  • remote monitoring via smartphone and webportal
  • blood cleansing while being mobile, at home, at work, everywhere
  • better blood clearance leading to a better health condition and life expectancy
  • less nursing and medical care needed
  • reduction in healthcare costs upto 40.000 ā‚¬/year/patient